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Poems - Dánta

Poems from Dance Shoes For GG


'Splash!' said a raindrop

As it fell upon my hat.

'Splash!' said another

As it trickled down my back.

'You are very rude,' I said,

As I looked up to the sky.

Then another raindrop

Splashed right into my eye!


A kiss! A kiss! Give us a kiss!

Because I'm small, they go on like this;

Everyone asking me to kiss 'em.

No more kisses! (And I won't miss 'em.)

Let's Stretch Up Tall

Let's stretch up tall like a lighthouse,

let's curl up small like a snail.

Let's spread our wings like a seagull,

and then be a boat with a sail.

Let's gallop along on a donkey,

let's go for a swim in the sea,

let's dry ourselves all over

and then have a picnic tea!

My Dog Is Not Like Other Dogs

My dog is not like other dogs.

He doesn't care to walk,

he doesn't bark, he doesn't howl.

He goes 'Tick, tock, Tick tock.'

He beeps each day at half-past nine.

At noon he starts to chime.

I have a strong suspicion

that my dog can tell the time.

Another dog might run and play,

or smother me with licking,

but my dog just annoys me

with his beeping and ticking.

Should you decide to buy a dog,

consider my remarks:

When looking for a 'watch dog',

get yourself the kind that barks.


There are holes in the sky

Where the rain gets in,

But they're ever so small

That's why rain is thin.

A Sea-Serpent

A sea-serpent saw a big tanker,

Bit a hole in her and then sank her.

        It swalloed the crew

        In a minute or two,

And then picked its teeth with

        the anchor.


He giggles and squeaks,

And wriggles and cries,

And curls and rolls,

And screws up his eyes,

And squirms and squeals,

And shouts and yells,

And screechs and begs,

And bangs his legs,

Til mam puts her head

Round the door and says,

'Stop tickling your brother!'

Snap! Crack!


Munchety, munch!

Dino the dinosaur's

Having his lunch.

Run! Run!

Never look back -

Don't become Dino's

Next little snack.

Daddy's Making Dinner

Daddy's making dinner

I've seen it all before

French fries black and burning

And meat loaf on the floor.

Daddy's making dinner

The sugar bowl just broke

Fido ate the gravy

The house has filled with smoke.

Daddy's making dinner

But I'm not one to moan

Soon he will surrender

And go pick up the phone.

Daddy made the dinner

Today's my lucky day

Dinner's in the trash can

And pizza's on the way.

I'm The Single Most Wonderful Person I Know

I'm the single most wonderful person I know,

I'm witty, I'm charming, I'm smart,

I'm often so brilliant I actually glow,

I'm a genius in music and art.

I'm super, I'm splendid, I'm stunning, I'm strong,

I'm awesome, I'm dashing, I'm bold,

I know all the answers, it's rare that I'm wrong,

I'm an absolute joy to behold.

I'm strikingly handsome, I'm thoroughly grand,

I'm categorically clever,

there's only one thing that I can't understand -

why nobody likes me... not ever!


Poems from The New Suit

 Mary Had A Little Pet

Mary Had A Little Pet.

Its fur was black as night.

It followed her to school one day,

Which gave the kids a fright.

It made the teachers shout and scream.

It gave them such a scare.

For Mary didn't have a lamb -

She had a grizzly bear.


A long neck

Has a giraffe

He's a long way to go

To give a laugh.

Hey Diddle Diddle

Hey diddle diddle

The cat and the fiddle

The cow jumped over the bed

The little dog laughed

But not for long

'Cos the cow landed right on his head.

Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet,

Eating her curds and whey.

Along came a spider in a bright blue hang-glider

And whipped her bowl swiftly away.

Way Down South

Where Bananas Grow

Way down south where bananas grow,

A grasshopper stepped on an elephant's toe.

The elephant said, with tears in his eyes,

'Pick on somebody your own size.


Why don't the birds

When they fly high

Bang off the sky?


Five Little Pumpkins

Five little pumpkins sitting on a wall,

The first one said, 'Look out! Don't fall!'

The second one said, 'Lets's have fun tonight',

The third one said, 'So turn out the light'.

The fourth one said, 'Let's be really scary!'

The fifth one said, 'I can see a fairy'.

'Whooooo,' went the pumpkins, rolling on the wall,

The fairy waved her wand, and made them all fall!

My Sister Laura

My sister Laura's bigger than me

And lifts me up quite easily.

I can't lift her, I've tried and tried;

She must have something heavy inside.

The Baby-sitter

It was clear

From the moment

They walked out the door

That Tracey

Had never done

This job before.

Until they came home

She patiently sat

On me

my little brother

and the cat.

After A Bath

After my bath

I try, try, try

to wipe myself

til I'm dry, dry, dry.

Hands to wipe

and fingers and toes

and two wet legs

and a shiny nose.

Just think how much

less time I'd take

if I were a dog

and could shake, shake, shake.

Giant Mistake

Giant Mistake was a big jovial fellow.

His shoes were red, and his shirt was yellow.

His legs wre long, and with arms spread wide,

he could hold six houses side by side.

Giant Mistake every morning would stride

over towns and cities and countrywide.

He'd smile and he'd wave and shout 'Hello'

to the tiny people far below!

I Built A Fabulous Machine

I built a fabulous machine

to keep my room completely clean.

It swept it up in nothing flat -

has anybody seen the cat?

Muddled Minibeasts

I'm a clumsy caterpillar

learning how to crawl.

It's very hard to get it right -

I'm going up the wall.

I'm a wriggly worm that wants

to find my other end.

It's rather hard to recognize -

I'm going round the bend.

I'm a silly spider. There's

another stitch I've missed.

My web is in a tangle, and

I'm going round the twist.