Nótaí ón mhúinteoir/Messages from Class Teacher

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Nótaí ón mhúinteoir

A Thuistí, a chairde,

Saoire na Scoile/School Holidays






16th – 24th (Return Monday 25th)


13th – 28th (Return Monday 29th)


3rd, Half Day Thursday 27th

Important dates

First Holy Communion – Sat 18th May 10:30am, Castlegar Church 

NB. Beidh coisir ann san Áras ina dhiaidh/Rang 3 parents will host a party for First Communion Children and their families in the Áras straight after the ceremony. Come along for a cup of tea and a bun! 

Reminders for kids

  • Please check your hair every 1 – 2 days for head lice. Girls – remember to tie your hair back in either a bun or a plait.
  • Ceol le Chéile every Friday – remember to bring in your instruments and ceol le chéile book. You should have your tin whistle in your school bag every day.
  • If you are off school for a day, remember to bring in your green attendance slip on return to school.
  • Keep an eye in your homework diary for important messages and reminders.