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Some parents have asked for recommendations to reinforce the maths lessons we are covering through Gafa La Mata. Here are some things I believe would be appropriate:

  • keep revising the táblaí in an informal game based way (random questions)
  • do a weekend review of the GLM pages from that week (reward work + get them to explain)
  • read over the Links Sheets below for relevant reinforcement activities
  • use a similar book, such as Planet Maths 1st, to revise the topics already taught
  • let them play some maths educational games; there are some listed on the Naisc page


Learning tables is a vital step in developing any ability at maths. Tables are designed to be memorised and are a tool to allow us short-cut thinking about the basic mechanics of a number problem. We do not need to visualise/understand/examine that 6x7 means six sets of seven added to each other every time we need the answer. When they have the answers to the tables on the tip of their tongues then they can concentrate on learning the methodology of new sums and will find maths alot easier. Please help your child learn their tables through practice every day.

A simple pactice session could start with the child saying the table from start to finish (at first they can read from the tables book) and then you can test them by having a table quiz based on random table entries they know. Watch out for finger counting and mental adding; the objective is that they know the tables off-by-heart with no calculation involved so limit the time allowed to answer. Why not make the exercise into a rewarding game for them with the reward based on getting all the answers right. I generally allow them time to test their páirtí (partner) each day for a few minutes so they should be well used to the method of random testing of tables knowledge.

Mix it up a bit by reversing the order, 7+2 as well as 2+7, and be asking them in both languages - 'Céard é a dó agus a seacht?' And why not use time in the car, shop, wherever?

Maths vocabulary needed for Rang a hAon

add/plus - agus

take away - tógtha

equals - sin a

total - iomlán

half - leath

ten - deich

unit - aonad

altogether - le chéile

estimate - meastachán

correct - ceart

complete - críochnaigh

container - coimeádán

lightest - is éadroime

bigger - níos mó

biggest - is mó

smaller - níos lú

smallest - is lú

longer - níos faide

longest - is faide

shorter - níos gairide

shortest - is gairide

heavier - níos troime

heaviest - is troime

lighter - níos éadroime

weight - meáchan

underneath - faoi

between - idir

on top of - ar bharr

through- tríd

inside - istigh

above - thar

around - thar timpeall

length - fad

width - leithead

height - airde

past - tar éis

square - cearnóg

circle - ciorcal

rectangle - dronuilleog

triangle - triantán

semi-circle - leathchiorcal

time - am

half (an hour) - leathuair

to - roimh

Maths through games

Maths is the third language we teach in our school system, and is the only global language. Proficiency in any language is built up through learning and practice. Structured play and a more games based approach to teached is now being recommended in many education systems, including our own. Encourage your child to take an interest in some of the following games to reinforce their learning.

  • Dúradáin - Dominos
  • Táiplis mhór - backgammon
  • Fiche a haon (cártaí) - Twenty-one (cards)
  • Eochairuimhir - Sudoku