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Leabhairíní Beaga

Éist leis an rian agus bí ag léamh!

Please have your child listen to the relevant track while reading their leabhairín (mini book). Repeat this process until they are able to read it aloud to you without the aid of the soundfile. At the end of each page there is a beep to signal the need to turn the page. Below are the mp3 sound files organised by céim (stage). Once I've heard a child read their leabhairín with fluency they are allowed to exchange it for a new one from the collection, and they can mark it off their list.

Freisin, tá neart cluichí bunaithe ar na leabhair thuas ar an suíomh - Cluichí - Please have your child play the associated online game for each leabhairín from Séideán Sí.

Leabhairíní Beaga - Naíonáin Mhóra

All of the links below are to interactive online copies of leabhairíní read for a Connacht learner, with the exception of Na Trí Mhuicín which is not linked correctly on the Séideán Sí site; but for the Canúint Na Mumhan version I had to link to below.

I hear some people are having issues with viewing the leabhairíní on iPads. The leabhairíní are in the form of flash files (.swf) and is probably the source of the problems. Try this search to find a flash player.

Also, I found this information on BusinessInsider.com: 'Fortunately there are workarounds and one of the simplest is to use a browser called Puffin, free from the App Store. This remotely processes Flash content on its servers before forwarding it to your i-device.'

The ráflaí I've heard recently is that the Séideán Sí website will soon follow the herd in moving away from the use of flash animations and this will then solve all issues caused by its unwise continued use.

I know some of Rang A hAon have read all the leabhairíní already and so in addition to rereading them to further bring on their pronunciation here is another selection of similar leabhairíní from LéighLeat.com