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Gaeilge Do Thuismitheoirí

Tír gan teanga, tír gan anam.

Irish is one of the oldest living written languages in the world and as a spoken language stretches back over two millennia to the seperation of Goidelic from the other Celtic languages. As such it has many links to other Indo-European languages and yet many things that set it apart from the more recently created languages of most of the rest of Europe. Throughout all that time it has been a living language evolving and surviving the many vicious invasions of this island to carry forth the soul of the nation.

Without our language our ancestors become foreigners to us and our culture would be severed from its living roots. This is why Irish has a central place in our education system and why it is worth promoting its use among all who wish to be active members of the Irish nation.

Improving your ability in, Irish has never been easier, thanks to the potential of new technology. However, there is still nothing like the face-to-face experience, and no magic way to avoid the effort and time needed to make real progress in language learning. With that in mind we in Scoil Bhríde organise adult lessons to facilitate parents who wish to accompany their children on a journey of learning that we hope results in comfortable bi-lingualism.


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