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1916 - 2016 Céad Bliain ón Éirí Amach

Ag léamh Forógra Na Saoirse Luan Na Cásca 1916. Reading the Proclamation Easter Monday 1916

Pathé - War In Ireland (1916 newsreel)

Pathé - Sinn Féin Rising (1916 newsreel)

A FHEARA AGUS A MHNÁ NA hÉIREANN : In ainm Dé agus in ainm na nglún a chuaigh romhainn agus óna bhfuair sí seanoideas na náisiúntachta, tá Éire, trínne, ag gairm a clainne faoina bratach agus ag bualadh buille ar son a saoirse...

Ar fáil ó www.taoiseach.gov.ie

A collaborative online project between University College Cork and the Irish Examiner with a wide range of resources available.

Dublin Rising 1916-2016 is a site built by Google in partnership with Ireland 2016, the State Centenary Programme to remember 1916, to reflect on the Republic 100 years on, and to re-imagine our future. The aim is to enable anyone, anywhere to participate in the 1916 Centenary, through online access to historical and cultural resource material.

On this virtual tour, you can explore locations around Dublin city and discover the events of the 1916 Rising. See images from the time, listen to witness statements and learn about the people who shaped Ireland’s future. Hear how history was made, in the company of our narrator and guide for the tour, Dublin actor Colin Ó Fearghail.

Information on the programme of events commemorating Éirí Amach 1916 organised in conjunction with NUI Galway.

...agus as Béarla

Available on www.taoiseach.gov.ie

Kathterin MacShary of the National Library of Ireland and Mark Duncan of Century Ireland review the best websites for those who want to explore and understand 1916.

Gach rud faoi 1916 atá ar fáil ó TG4. The usual high standard of programs from TG4 can be watched online.

The main commemoration site by RTÉ with information on their TV and radio programmes, as well as interesting articles accessed via an interactive map.

Liam Daly who was a member of the GPO garrison, who among other brave actions helped mount a radio transmitter on a nearby roof; the rebels transmitted the world's frst radio broadcast. Here he recounts his experiences during Easter week 1916 in the radio series 'They Remember', first broadcast on RTÉ radio in April 1956.

Unfortunately only available in English and not very interactive this site does give a good overview of the events, with photographs, through a simple timeline menu.

Did you know that a Swede and a Finn fought with the Irish in the GPO, or that five of the seven signatories of the Irish proclamation had visited the USA? A collection of interesting facts about Éirí Amach 1916 on Irish Central .com

Léarscáil don Éirí Amach 1916 i mBaile Átha Cliath.
Map of 1916 Rising in Dublin.
Éamonn Ceannt

Éamonn Ceannt

Ba as Béal Átha Mó, i gCondae Na Gaillimhe, Éamonn Ceannt. An-phíobaire agus fear a chaith a shaol ag obair ar son ár dteanga féin, chuir sé a ainm le Forógra Na Saoirse i 1916 agus bhí sé ina cheannasaí san Éirí Amach 1916.

Liam Ó Maoilíosa

Liam Ó Maoilíosa

Rugadh Liam Ó Maoilíosa i Manchain, Sasana, ach i 1916 throid sé ar son saoirse na hÉireann anseo i gCondae Na Gaillimhe. Mar cheannasaí bhí 700 fear faoi a stiúir le linn an Éirí Amach.