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Obair Bhaile



Rang a Cúig

Ceartlitriú:     Finish

Matamaitic:    Mata Meabhrach

Gaeilge:       Triail 7

               Cén t-ábhar scoile is fearr                leat agus cén fáth?

Béarla:        RAH  pg 64

                Finish Qs on Holes

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 Rang a Sé       

Ceartlitriú:     Finish

Matamaitic:    Mata Meabhrach

Gaeilge:        Triail 7

                Cén t-abhar scoile is fearr                leat agus cén fath?

Béarla:         RAH pg 57

               Finish Qs on Holes

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Week 26.


  1. My knuckles hurt when I knocked on one of the internal doors.
  2. He had a special knack for putting on his knapsack.
  3. The knight wore the knitted mantle as he sat on the saddle.
  4. The gnome gnashed his teeth as he saw the gnu.
  5. The benign king decided to resign and consign his wealth to his son.
  6. Her highness asked if the highway was nigh.

Week 26


Mr.& Mrs. Arnold who live in Wintrop Avenue were very proud of their garden gnomes.


Last night there was a loud knock at their front door and they heard someone twisting the door knob.


They went to answer the knock.  There was no sign of anyone, but a chaotic scene met their eyes.  The garden was wrecked.  Heads, legs and arms of gnomes lay around everywhere.  Mr. Arnold knelt down among the wreckage and cried.

Mar eolas daoibh


Homework is a very important part of a child's education and provides pupils with a good opportunity to revise content learned in school.


By fifth and sixth class, it is expected that children take responsibility for their own homework and strive to independently complete each task to their best of their abilities. At times, pupils may need to ask for help or support, but most work should be completed by themselves.


Homework should be part of the child's weekly routine. It is advised that homework should start at the same time each day, preferably as soon as they arrive home or soon-after. Leaving homework till late can prove difficult as they lose focus and concentration. Homework should also be completed in a quiet area in the house, to avoid disturbances. 


At fifth class level, homework should take 1 hour.

At sixth class level, homework should take around 1 hour to 1 ½ hours.


Please ensure that the homework diary is signed each night and that the child records how long they spent doing their homework.


Ní cheart go mbeadh an obair deacair ar an bpáiste nó ar an dtuismitheoir. If a pupil is experiencing trouble with the homework, please let me know.



Pas Obair Bhaile


As a reward, pupils may be given a homework pass. Pupils may use the pass whenever they wish.


Please note that the Pas Obair Bhaile only includes a night off written homework.


Pupils must revise Dictation/ Spellings and Litriú every night!





Please be aware that there will be a weekly test on Fridays. Tests will include the following material...

  • Dictation
  • Irish Spellings (Litriú)


Rang a Sé only 

  • Maths
  • English
  • Gaeilge

Tests enable teachers to assess pupils' learning and draw attention to areas which need revision.


Tests will be short and include topics covered that week in class.


Please sign their tests each week.


Míle buíochas




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