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Teachtaireachtaí/ Messages

An Chóineartú/ Confirmation

* Please note that during the ceremony your child will need a sponsor. A sponsor is an adult who will stand up with your child during the anointing part of the sacrament. Generally this is the godparent, but in instances where the godparent is not available, another adult can stand in their place.  

At the anointing part of the ceremony the sponsor stands behind the child and places their right hand on the child's shoulder. 

* Microsoft DreamSpace

Pupils of Rang 5 agus 6 have been allocated a space in a project ran by Microsoft. The trip has been scheduled for the Friday, 15th February 2019.

  • Cost of the trip is €26
  • Lunch will be provided (please send a packed lunch also as they will be hungry)
  • No electronic devices please.
  • Leaving school @ 7.00
  • Arriving back to school @ 5.00.
  • No pocket money required.

* Confirmation: Please note that the Confirmation is on @ 3.00pm on Thursday, 7th March.

Dátaí Tábhachtacha/ Important Dates

Date(s)  Event
18th- 22nd February 2019 Sos Meán Téarma
7th March 2019 @ 3.00pm An Chóineratú 
18th March 2019 Saoire Bainc
15th- 27th April 2019 Saoire na Cásca
6th May 2019 Saoire Bainc
3rd June 2019 Saoire Bainc
28th June 2018 Lá Deirineach


Information from the Parent- Teacher Session 20/09/2018

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