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Nótaí ón múinteoir

  • Turas scoile will be Dé Máirt 28 of Bealtaine, 28/05. As requested by the rang we are off to Bay Sports in Ros Comáin, a bit north of Áth Luain. It will be a long day but we heard great reports from last year's R4. The cost of the tour is 52.45 euro due to the length of the bus hire and the cost of attending a full day of water sports. The bus will be leaving Scoil Bhríde at 8:15 and we should be ar ais at 16:45. I've sent abhaile a sheet on the day's activities; they will need their usual tórthaí na maidine, lón and drink.
  • Scoil ag dúnadh ar a dó Dé Céadaoin 3ú Aibreán; please collect your child at two this Wed. Eolas faoi na measúnaithe thuas anois freisin. The dates for the standardised assessments' period are now added to the Dátaí Don Dialann on main class page; please make sure your child is at school those days.
  • In a last minute change the rothaíocht course is taking place over two full days, yesterday and next Déardaoin. Thannkfully we had a great day inné and due to the change it might be a good idea to bring in your child's rothar next week if they have a suitable one.
  • Peil Ghaelach (buachaillí) agus iománaíocht training for the Cumann Na mBunscol competition, R4-6, is now on ar an Aoine. It will take place during sos and boys taking part must bring football boots (runners not allowed), camán, clogad (no helmet means missing that session) and spare socks in on Friday as we plan to use the páirc.
  • Rothaíocht with Cycling Ireland starts Déardaoin. If your child is bringing a bike let us know; there is no need for them to bring their own but the option is there.
  • The aonach was a great success, not only being a great chance for the gang to show-off their kitchen skills but also letting them run their stands, setting prices; and then altering them if they felt the need; interact with customers and handle money. Bhí an-rogha ann and that was the result of great parental support imparting baking skills. This fund raising will hopefully be supported by grants from CC Na Gaillimhe and An Taisce to cover the cost of the cúrsa rothaíochta with Cycling Ireland. Beidh an cúrsa ag tosú Déardaoin 28ú and while there is no need for rothair or clogaid to be sent in on the day if parents want their child to bring their own bicycle or helmet in that is no problem.
  • Dé Aoine beag seo, 15ú, beidh Bake Sale againn san Áras. This is the first time the class are doing it and it is as part of Seachtain Na Gaeilge and to raise money to pay for our upcoming cúrsa rothaíochta. Please help your child prepare something to sell; scones, buns, cake, other tempting treats.
  • Dé Máirt 5ú we're off to Ollscoil Na hÉireann Gaillimh for a special engineering event for schools. Please make sure your child has 5euro Dé Luain 4ú to pay for the trip.
  • Within a couple of weeks be starting a four week cúrsa rothaíochta with Cycling Ireland.
  • Rang 4 are delighted to be taking part in the cór for the comhneartú on the 7ú Márta. I'm sure they'll give the choir that extra lift needed when Rang 5 is so small this year.
  • Aonach Na Leabhar is back in Scoil Bhríde 11ú-14ú Feabhra so your children may be looking for money to buy books; a great opportunity to encourage them to earn this through helping around the house.
  • Máirt 12ú Feabhra is the last snámh session.
  • Ar na luan beidh iománaíocht ar siúl le Gerry Spellman (GCHDC) - Hurling on Mondays.
  • Interesting article on the effect of mobile phone usage on children in the Irish Times Children who own mobile phones at age nine ‘perform less well’ in academic tests and which summarises the ESRI Research Bulletin.
  • Please read and complete the required GDPR form that has been sent home with your child.

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