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Nótaí ón múinteoir

  • Rang 4 are delighted to be taking part in the cór for the comhneartú on the 7ú Márta. I'm sure they'll give the choir that extra lift needed when Rang 5 is so small this year.
  • Aonach Na Leabhar is back in Scoil Bhríde 11ú-14ú Feabhra so your children may be looking for money to buy books; a great opportunity to encourage them to earn this through helping around the house.
  • Máirt 12ú Feabhra is the last snámh session.
  • Ar na luan beidh iománaíocht ar siúl le Gerry Spellman (GCHDC) - Hurling on Mondays.
  • Interesting article on the effect of mobile phone usage on children in the Irish Times Children who own mobile phones at age nine ‘perform less well’ in academic tests and which summarises the ESRI Research Bulletin.
  • Please read and complete the required GDPR form that has been sent home with your child.

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