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Obair Bhaile

  1. RAH- lth 37
  2. Mental Maths- lth 38 Dé Luan
  3. Tablaí- x6
  4. Litríocht-Bearla & Gaeilge.
  5. Maths Catch up lth 66 & 67


  • Litríocht- English spellings will consist of 5 dictation sentences on a Monday. Irish spellings will consist of 4 dictation sentences. Children self-correct their mistakes, and the teacher will check before sending home. Children will have a minimum of 3 spellings in each to write out each night and a maximum of 6 in each subject each night. If children get all their dictation correct, they will get 3 tricky spellings. 
  • Spellings and tables test will take place each Friday at 11.20.
  • Tablaí- Please practise relevant tables with children each week. Any revision of previous tables is hugely beneficial for children also.



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