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Obair Bhaile

*Dialann ar fáil ón oifig anois / Homework Diaries available from the office now!*

1. Irish Spellings

2. English Spellings

Spellbound 2

Exercise 1 – Monday night

Exercise 2 – Tuesday night

Exercise 3 – Wednesday night

Exercise 4 – Thursday night

3. Irish reading (graded readers) Games here!

4. English reading (graded readers)

5. Prayer practise

  • Busy at Maths Home/school link sheet will be sent home every fortnight to reinforce learning in class. There are plenty of games and practical activities to keep children busy!
  • Busy at Maths consolidation activities will be sent home to be completed when topics in Maths have been covered.
  • Throughout the year there may be some research and practical homework sent home.
  • Keep an eye on the homework diaries as children will be taking ownership of their own learning and recording their homework in their diaries each day in school! 

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