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Trialacha Caighdeánaithe

Standardised Tests

Rang A hAon is when your child will first take part in the national standarised testing process. The results are assessed in comparison with expected national norms based on age and class level. This calculation produces a STen (Standard Ten) score which places them in comparison with their peers across the state; from a low score of 1 to a high score of 10.  

If your child’s STen score is 5 or 6, you will know that his/her performance on the test is average. About one third of children in Ireland have STen scores in this band. You can see from the graph and table that there are also STen scores above and below the average. As with other tests your child does in school, his/her result on a standardised test can be affected by how he/she feels on the test day or by worry or excitement about a home or school event. This means that each test result is an indication of your child’s achievement in English reading, Irish reading and maths. You play an important role in encouraging and supporting your child no matter what he/she scores on the test.

Scór STen
 Céard a chiallaíonn sé
 An méid leanaí leis an scór seo
 8-10      Go mór os cionn an mheáin  1/6 nó beagnach 17%
 7  Ardmheánach  1/6 nó beagnach 17%
 5-6  Meánach  1/3 nó beagnach 34%
 4  Ísealmheánach  1/6 nó beagnach 17%
 1-3  Go mór faoi bhun an mheáin  1/6 nó beagnach 17%

Standardised tests are not intelligence tests and the raw score, how many questions they answer correctly, is used to calculate the STen score; 50% right may not result in the midway 5.5 STen. The main purposes of using standardised tests are to help the teacher evaluate your child’s learning, and to inform you about how well your child is doing in English reading, maths and Irish. When the test scores are used alongside other information gathered by the teacher through observing your child at work, talking with her/him and looking at his work, they show how your child is getting in these key subject areas and help the teacher to identify your child’s strengths and needs.

STen score   What the score means   Fraction of children who get this score
 8-10      Well above average  1/6
 7  High average  1/6
 5-6  Meánach  1/3
 4  Low average  1/6
 1-3  Well below average  1/6