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  • Reports in school of some treaghdáin / míolta gruaige and their nits; informative article from the Irish Examiner. Bathing hair in Coconut/Olive Oil and leaving for 2hours under a shower cap, or clingfilm, once a week will guarantee not having to worry about them.
  • Ceol Le Chéile ar siúl Déardaoin 30ú agus Déardaoin 7ú, instead of the usual Friday, so please check they have their feadóg in the mála.
  • The mayor of Menlo Park, California is visiting Scoil Bhríde tomorrow, and will drop in on us.
  • Tá an scoil dúnta Déardaoin 9ú; múinteoirí ar lá oiliúna. SB is closed on Thursday 9th.
  • Cruinnithe Na dTuistí ar siúl Déardaoin 19ú agus Dé Céadaoin 25ú so if ye were down for Tuesday, inné, the meeting will now be on next Wednesday (25th) at the same time.
  • Tá an scoil ag dúnadh ag 14:45 - early close before Cruinnithe Na dTuistí, on both days.
  • Cártaí Na Nollag forms must be returned by Aoine 13ú - 4 of the sheets are not back yet.
  • Cruinnithe Na dTuistí are on next week and I've put a table showing all the parent slots my Cruinnithe leis na tuistí page - the initials of your leanbh in Irish were used for privacy reasons.
  • This web page has useful information on healthy eating in packed lunches for schools.
  • Ceol Le Chéile ar an Aoine so make sure the feadóg is in the mála that morning especially.
  • While none have been spotted ar scoil they are around so please check for treaghdáin / míolta gruaige and their nits; informative article from the Irish Examiner.
  • Ar an gCéadaoin bíonn iománaíocht againn - first thing Wed. we have iománaíocht in the Áras.
  • Please keep an eye on the Spórt page to see when your child's team is playing; if they volunteered to play in our new sraitheanna. The peil is going well and the iománaíocht will start soon.
  • Dialanna Obair Bhaile are now available to buy from the oifig @ 4 euro.
  • Ar an Aoine bíonn CO againn - Every Friday is our PE day so please make sure they have appropriate shoes on; sandals etc. are not a good idea.
  • Oíche Eolais Dé Máirt 19ú ar 18:30 - Please come along next Tuesday for a, parents only, half hour chat about Rang A hAon in our new seomra ranga. Looking forward to meeting you all.
  • We are now collecting 10 euro per child to cover the cost of their copy of the class English language combined reader and workbook, Two Little Frogs.
  • I encourage parents to send in some fruit with their children can partake in our Torthaí Na Maidine tradition of having some fruit while studying Mata early each morning.
  • Here's an interesting article on the benefits for children of playing Minecraft.
  • Please note that the only deoch allowed is now bainne or uisce.
  • Meán Fomhair is the key time for treaghdáin / head lice to spread so with that in mind please read this great article from the Irish Examiner.
  • Every pupil must have a good pencil, preferably triangular in shape or with a grip, and a soft rubber.
  • The class can bring in slippers/house shoes if they want to wear them in the classroom (good if shoes/runners get wet or very dirty).

Go raibh maith agaibh!

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