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Rang A hAon will soon start learning to play a fun card game as Gaeilge. There are six mats on which they must collect the cards showing items from that room of the house. In order to allow them to all fully enjoy it please have them learn off the vocabulary in the posters below. If ye fancy having such a family fun game at home they can be ordered from Litrí @ 20 euro.

Sa Bhaile (in the home)

Cluichí ar líne (ar Quizlet)


Cluichí Cártaí

Here are some game cards to allow everyone to practice their conversational Irish in a fun way. Just cut off the question box and stick it on the reverse side of the main box. To make the card more durable stick the paper on card and maybe even laminate it.

Cé tusa?

Cén chaoi a bhfuil tú?

Céard atá á caitheamh agat? 1 (what are you wearing)

Céard atá á caitheamh agat? 2

Print these sheets out double sided to make vocabulary expansion game cards; there are twenty scenes.

Fiche Radharc (twenty scenes)



Here's a handy poster I've altered to show the mostRight-click to view full size.Right-click to view full size. commonly needed body parts vocabulary. A handy question would be 'Céard é seo?' while you point to the relevant body part. Click to view it full size. Pronunciation help is available, as usual, from - eg mala.


For the long-gone salad days of the samhradh here is a poster Bia Samhraidh showing 10 different summer foods. Online cards and tests based on this fógrán are found here.





This poster shows mothúcháin (emotions). As they are on us in Irish we use the preposition aRight-click to view full size.Right-click to view full size.r and the associated prepositional pronouns: orm, ort, air, uirthi, orainn, oraibh, orthu.

An bhfuil áthas ar Niamh?

Tá áthas uirthi.

An bhfuil tuirse ort?

Tá tuirse orm.

Cluiche ar líne, challenge time: Mothúcháin


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