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The class are being encouraged to compose fictional stories in English and to write them in their Saorscríbhneoireacht copies. The free writing style approach is to avoid written correction of spelling and grammar mistakes with the focus being on developing their confidence in written story telling.

The standard story had to have at least three characters and take-up at least two/three pages, although our young authors can decide to link pieces together as chapters. Every child has a copy of my basic English spelling dictionary and is actively encouraged to look-up spellings and to re-read their work as part of a reflective editing process. Getting in the habit of using the dictionary and using sounding-out to attempt spellings is the main thing, so please don't spell out words for them. Do point out spelling mistakes they can improve on, especially common words, and remind them to capitalise words where appropriate. With time their spellings and sentence structure will improve and they will have developed a habit of writing stories to share with others.

Below are stories from last year's Rang A hAon showing-off their story-telling, joined handwriting and picture drawing skills to a wider audience. Tá a scéalta iontacha anseo thíos agus táim lán cinnte go mbaineadh sibh sásamh astu.



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